Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Role of Religion in Government

The Role of Religion in Government
Annie's Annals blog: 02-23-2007

I received an email today from People for the American Way. I am not sure why i got emailed this information but it is worthy of a blog post and some criticism.

This weekend in Tualatin, Oregon, Restore America will host a conference of right-wing religious activists dedicated to promoting the Bible and its interpretation thereof as the only legitimate foundation for government. The group proclaims that “the Bible is the authoritative and inerrant standard by which all aspects of civil government are to be conducted,” and “[denies] that civil government should always be neutral toward Christianity and treat it as equal with all other so-called religions.”

Rev. Ron Stief is the Director of PFAWF’s West Coast Regional Office. Prior to joining PFAWF, Rev. Stief directed the Office of Public Life and Social Policy for United Church of Christ.