Sunday, February 25, 2007

UCC 1, Univision 0

UCC 1, Univision 0

Street Prophets: 02-25-2007

It's fashionable in many circles, both liberal and conservative, to bemoan the state of the media. Many people think that nothing can be done to rein in the corporate behemoths that rule our media landscape but it just isn't true. There are tools that work if they're applied fairly, and the UCC has demonstrated a certain flair for getting that application. (See the story for a brief explanation of why the UCC is so committed to media reform.)

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---Michael--- said...

Having been in TV and Radio production and gotten out of it while there was still time, the matter that bothers me the most, or the two matters, actually, are:
1. deterioration of professional journalistic ethics standards, and
2.The invasion of prime time by sex, violence, and antisocial fictional entertainment. Adults can choose their poison, but kids should be insulated from the strychnine.