Sunday, August 17, 2008

8 finish 96-mile walk to promote equal rights

8 finish 96-mile walk to promote equal rights

Source: Arizona Republic - Phoenix, AZ, USA

Author: Amanda J. Crawford

Date: 17 August, 2008

Meg Sneed is a cancer survivor. She is also a lesbian.

After spending three days walking to benefit breast-cancer research, she had an idea. What about a walk to raise awareness about marriage inequality?

Last week, Sneed, 25, and seven other gay, lesbian and bisexual young people aged 19 to 28 walked through the metro area to the state Capitol to raise awareness about gay rights and the fall referendum that would add a gay-marriage ban to the state constitution…

Among their stops was the Church of the Beatitudes United Church of Christ in north-central Phoenix.

The Rev. Nancy Elsenheimer is one of the senior pastors at the church, which performs commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples. She called Sneed and the other walkers "courageous" not only for braving the Valley's heat but also for spreading their message through areas not always receptive to gay rights…

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